The Only Way Is Essex: Joey launches fashion shop, Chloe opens up about Sam and Mario is back.

What's gong on with the cast of The Only Way Is Essex? As time goes by they seem to becoming more and more dramatic and all that glamorous partying and laughter, which we became accustomed to in the previous series, is seriously dying out. Come on producers, shake things up!

Joey Essex is once again centre of attention on Sunday's episode, as he prepares for the launch of his new shop “Fusey”. Next to him, as usual, supporting girlfriend Sam, who helps him get everything ready for the grand opening. All of Joey's friends attend the launch party to celebrate his new fashion venture together and he doesn't miss the chance to praise his girlfriend in front of everyone. “I met Sam four of five years ago now – he revealed - when I first kissed I was like yes, now I kiss Sam and It's so special.”

The couple seems to be really loved up and relaxed, but not everyone thinks the same. Joey's sister Frankie and his cousin Chloe do not share the same enthusiasm about Sam, ouch! In an emotional get together with friend Lauren Pope, Chloe admits being really upset about Sam's behaviour around Mother's day. Knowing how Joey feels about his mum not being with them any more, she hopes Sam could be more sensitive and feels betrayed. 'I want to clear the air with her after that dinner,' Chloe confessed 'I need to say to Sam look these are the things that have upset me. I don't want the tension, I don't need it.'

Meanwhile Mario Falcone is back to clear the air with former friend Little Chris, who spread rumours about him cheating on girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh. Mario met up with Joey at Fusey's to have a friendly chat about the whole situation with Lucy and explaing the real reasons behind their move. 'She wanted to get away from everything, all the crap, so we've been away,' he said. “She's still going to move out and get her own space, but I've realised that nothing even matters apart from me and Lucy,' he revealed.

This was the week of reconciliation for on-and-off friends Gemma and Bobby, who decides to make up, after their bitter argument at comedy night. And what better occasion to put their differences aside than a funeral? Well, not a real one, in pure Essex drama, Bobby organises a farewell ceremony for his beloved car, which has to be taken to the scrap-yard to get crushed. In the meantime Jasmina and Abbi follow newcomers Dan and James to watch greyhound racing and organise a double-date as friends with benefits. Stay tuned for some hot news!

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