The Only Way is Essex: Confrontation episode

It was a sit down, spill your guts, hash it out sort of episode in last night's The Only Way is Essex.

After her breakdown last Sunday, the overly protective Chloe, who was dressed to kill in total black outfit, decided to have that long overdue heart-to-heart chat with Sam, and obviously, who was the subject matter? Poor little Joey, of course.

The two agreed on how they’ll be handling any future confrontations and both expect now be able talk about any problems with no qualms, after this air clearing chat, but the real question will be if this Essex style truce will actually last, now that Billie put doubts into Sam’s head.

Rick confides to Mario about he’s felt caught in the middle between the Chris vs Mario issues, as Chris gets up the courage to ask Rick to play the peacemaker, so the two can try to save their long standing childhood friendship.

Diag is still depressed and is just doing things in a pointless way - just not caring anymore and lets everyone know it, but he does have motherly Choe’s shoulder to cry on.

Very civilly, Charlie and Bobby discuss their catering business, with the latter revealing that he has a part time job offer from Gemma to be her, you guessed it … a tanning salesman. But Charlie gives Bobby an ultimatum, him or Gemma, and what will his answer be?

Really Jess, does a romantic and sexy bubble with Ricky seem the right time to say you want kids and a ring on your finger? That hot bath suddenly turned into a cold shower for Ricky, who says he doesn’t want be tied to any marriage vows, not now or ever, with Jess’ disappointment written all over her pretty face.

Abi and Jasmin, Dan and James, flirting, Will anything romantic happen? This foursome certainly seem to have the hots for each other.

The clue of the episode was no doubt, the Mario vs Little Chris confrontation, but they leave us suspended with the big gnawing doubt if they two will ever be friends again.

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