The Only Way Is Andre?

Peter Andre and The Only Way is Essex; surely a match made in C-list celebrity ITV2 heaven. The orange hued celeb was 'spotted' canoodling in a bar at the weekend with Amy Childs, leading to rumours that Elen Rivas has been elbowed out, to make way for Childs, the Jordon-a-like who stars in the hit 'reality' doc. Well, when we say spotted, we actually mean filmed by a TV crew. Which can only signify one thing: Andre and TOWIS are forming an unholy alliance.

An eagle-eyed source told The Sun,'No one could quite believe what they were seeing. Amy was all over Peter and he was loving the attention like a kid in a sweet shop. It was as if they were already a couple. You would never have guessed he had a girlfriend from the way they were behaving and giggling at each other.’

Amy quickly fanned the gossip flames denied the rumous, tweeting, ‘Don’t believe what you read in the papers today xx’ Sorry love, we believe EVERYTHING we read in the tabs...

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