The Oliver Reed hellraising baton gets passed to next generation....

The Oliver Reed whiskey-soaked hellraiser baton has now been passed to a worthy recipient. For a while, it looked like Colin Farrell might be in with a shot, but he's been too quiet of late - and alas for him, has to be ruled out for his stint in Ballykissangel. No, the proud baton holder is Jonathan Rhys Myers, who has recently been banned by United Airlines for his whole life, for bad behaviour. Bad behaviour such as guzzling vodka at 7am and getting uppity (a possible understatement) with UA trolly dollies.

A source told The Daily Mirror, 'He was slurring and was incandescent with rage. When he was told he could not board, he just lost it. Only recently, he arrived bleary-eyed and slurring his words during a magazine interview in New York. His management team had to sober him up with cups of black coffee. It was embarrassing.'

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