The new Waissel

It takes a former victim of X Factor's ruthless editing to spot it a mile off, so it's no surprise that last year's 'girl we love to hate', Katie Waissel, has sprung to her doppelganger's defence. Katie has criticised the show's producers and editors for manipulating the auditionees, to make them as annoying entertaining as possible. Last week, Kitty Brucknell, a 26-year old auditionee from Hertfordshire impressed the audience with her version of Gaga's 'The Edge of Glory', then promptly alienated them by perching on the side of the stage and rabbiting on about herself in a stage-school manner.

Katie told The Sun, 'I can't judge anyone because of the way performances are edited. I don't believe a thing I see. People should be judged on their voices over personalities. Kitty has a great voice but we're judging a girl we don't know after seeing her for five minutes on TV. I feel sorry for her. I hope she has the belief in herself to realise it's a wonderful opportunity. Don't let them get you down. How do you not know the producers didn't tell her to do all of that? I went through so much on that show which not only affected me but my family. Kitty is only 26 and people must understand that.'

An X Factor spokesman it back against claims that the auditionees are manipulated, saying, 'The behaviour of contestants is not provoked in the series.' Who do you believe, celeb watchers, and will you be voting for Kitty to go through to bootcamp?

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