The new Lady Gaga video is basically a giant Jean-Paul Gaultier advert

In Paparazzi, she was thrown off a balcony and reanimated as an ultra-glamourous crippled dancer; in Bad Romance, she was trapped in an asylum full of mysterious masked creeps; in Telephone, she broke out of prison, snogged Beyonce and murdered a diner full of rednecks.

Electro-fashionista Lady Gaga's videos have been so progressively bonkers they left many of us wondering how she could top them. Turns out, er, she couldn't.

Her latest, Alejandro, is an 8-minute epic complete with dancing soldiers, religious imagery and a pastiche of Madonna's Vogue. It's super-stylish, and it's attracted controversy for its catholic and Nazi images. But quite a lot of it consists of Gaga and her male dancers writhing rhythmically in their underwear: pleasant enough to watch, 'natch, but not exactly the uniquely mental creativity we turn to Gaga for.

On the other hand, one fan thinks it's 'awesome and revolutionary,' so what do we know? You'd better decide for yourselves.

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