The Miller's tale

Sienna 'serial' Miller has given her first interview since splitting with Jude Law last month. The actress rails against pesky tabloid reporters who seem determined to set her up with any Rada Tom, Dick or Harry. Apparently, Sienna is resolutely single, and is embarassed for her co-star, Joe Armstrong who has been cast as the villain who swept Miller away from under Law's nose.

Sienna told Time Out'I'm single! Poor Joe is like, 'What's going on?' We all find it ridiculous and laughable. I do feel very picked apart by it. When two people have separated and have both stated that it's amicable and mutual yet, regardless of that, it's not a nice feeling to have people talk about you behind your back and for it not to be true and for you not to be able to retaliate.'

Sienna has also been linked with publishing heir Dan Macmillan. A source described them as, 'kindred spirits - bohemian and slightly hippyish.'

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