'The Milibands are fit'

Peaches Geldof, possibly the most irritating, pretentious, idiotic pseudo-creative that has ever been made a celebrity, is back on our shores. And guess what? She's as annoying as ever, moaning about the artificial nature of showbiz, and how she manages to transcend it all, by hanging out in internet cafes in East London. Like, totes deep. She has also considered our current crop of politicians, and finds them 'fit'.

Peaches told The Daily Mail that she's a fan of Ed Mili, 'He’s fit... In fact, both Miliband brothers – and David Cameron, for that matter – are quite fit. British politics has a suave thing going on.'

Geldof also prattled on about how superficial the celebrity world is (yawn), and single-handedly signaled the demise of Dalston, 'Showbiz parties always feel so hollow and fake. I prefer real situations with my real friends. We go to a little dive bar in Dalston run by Turkish men drinking White Lightning cider while they Skype their families back home. I love weird, out-of-context bars rather than swanky places.'

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