The little Amy Winehouse

Well, we’ve seen a lot of crazy Amy Winehouse stuff but this really takes the biscuit. So we’ve had people dressing up as Amy, including Jade Goody. But now, showing that her infamy has spread all over the world, we have two videos all the way from South America and these are really quite disturbing.

So what are they? Well, kiddies, it’s a Chilean transvestite dwarf dancing round her bedroom singing “Rehab”. Woo! The lovely little person tells us that she is “the little Amy Winehouse”, is “a depraved person”, and that she just “loves drugs” and “bad habits”. Then, in true Winehousestyle (yeah new to us too), she humps everything in the room. (Shudder...)

If that wasn’t enough, in the second video she introduces her lovely friend (Blake?) in a gimp mask who pours an alcoholic beverage down her neck while she gyrates on his lap.

And then there’s the close-up – the close-up of her evil faaaace! We hate to think what happens if you feed her after midnight or let her near water! Euch!

Oh dear. This really is such stuff that nightmares are made of. Although we have to say, she’s got the Amy dancing down to a T…

(Image: from YouTube)

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