The Lil'est things

If there's one girl in pop who gives good spats, it's Lily Allen, so it makes perfect sense that Simon Cowell is making overtures towards the singer, attempting to woo her onto the X Factor judging panel. So, will it work?

A chatty source told The Sun, 'Lily was flattered to get Simon's call. It's a big job and an honour to be asked. But she's not convinced. She has tried to take a step back from the limelight over the last six months and doesn't want to be thrust right back into the madness of the showbiz pantomime that comes with the show. She doesn't need the money or the hassle at this stage in her life. Maybe in a few years' time when circumstances change she will be more receptive.'

Lily is currently busy with her vintage shop, 'Lucy in Disguise', and writing the score for Bridget Jones The Musical.

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