The Lego minifigure celebrates 30th birthday

Did you love playing with your Lego set when you were a whipper snapper? If so it's time to celebrate the birth of a special childhood friend: the Lego minifigure. The minifigure celebrated its 30th birthday on August 25.

They brought a whole new dimension to the world of Lego, adding a human element to the numerous building sets. With their yellow faces and fixed expressions, minifigures quickly became iconic symbols in the toy world. It wasn't until 1989, with the introduction of Pirate themed set, that minifigs were given different expressions.

In 1998, the minimen were finally given realistic skin tones and even spring-loaded legs in a 2002 basketball set. With over four billion minifigures sold worldwide in thirty years, the Lego minifig is one of the world's best selling and most loved toys. To mark the special day Gizmodo have organised a short film contest. Check out the results here.

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