The late Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s UK tour turned a little sour when the singer was actually booed by some disgruntled Beliebers. They weren’t taking exception to his strange attempt at emulating David Bowie’s Young Americans white suit and white soul 70s look, or at his bizarre choice of gold fingerless gloves. It was Bieber’s timekeeping that was the problem.

At the London 02 show, Bieber turned up on stage almost than two hours later than the scheduled start of 8.30pm, meaning many fans had to leave in the middle of the show to catch their last trains home. Perhaps you can’t expect Bieber to know that the venue’s location meant many fans would rely on public transport but someone from the 02 might have told him to get his pampered butt on stage pronto.

The Nottingham show on March 2 started an hour late and Bieber went beyond the 11pm curfew for the venue. The two hour delay for the London show seems particularly insulting, as most of his fans would have to be up early for school the next morning. Posy from Brighton told the BBC’s Newsround: "I wouldn't have minded if he was just half an hour late to his concert, but two hours? That's just pushing it. Why would he do that?" One mum tweeted Bieber directly to say: "you underestimate the power of a room full of p***ed off English women."

Meanwhile Bieber was also copping flak from an unexpected direction: former jailbird footballer Joey Barton. Barton’s Twitter feed is avidly followed because of the tough-tackling midfielder’s delusion that he can make intelligent observations about cultural matters.

"I'd rather flush my head down the toilet daily than be a Belieber," Barton tweeted for no particular reason. "He's a smack addiction waiting to happen. He looks like a shaved little bird with earrings. This is a truly f**ked up world, if he's 'cool’".

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