The knives are out for Bleakley

TV's current golden/bronzed girl, Christine Bleakley, has found that ruthless ambition comes at a price - namely that most people of your colleagues will envy and dislike you in equal measure. And so, predictably, out come the knives and the 'leaked' reports of discontent in the GMTV camp, and whispers about Bleakley's journo credentials.

A ranty insider told The Mirror, 'We were told they want more journalistic focus to GMTV but then why give hard-working, down-to-earth reporters like Penny Smith and John Stapleton the boot, and ­effectively kick out Kate Garraway and Emma Crosby. Christine may be able to temper Adrian Chiles, but what is in ­question is her credentials as a journalist.'

And another angry media type added, 'There was almost zero consultation with most staff. Even in meetings up to a week ago managers just told us Christine was the ‘elephant in the room’ and they wouldn’t be saying any more. The first we heard Christine was coming was when it was in the papers. It was handled very poorly but unfortunately that was no surprise. It seems odd to bring in someone with almost no journalistic background to a role which we’ve heard will be extremely news focused.'

Ooh, ouch and double ouch.

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