The knives are out

Who needs a Christmas panto when you have the annual parade of villains, simpletons and crooners that is the XFactor? When Katie Waissel, the nation's new favourite villainess, stayed on in the show at the expense of Aiden Grimshaw, more than a few feathers were ruffled. Including those of Matt Cardle, who is furious that Katie's still hanging on by her kooky fingernails.

Matt told The Daily Mail, ‘In terms of the television show, Aiden was expendable. I was shocked when Simon sent him home, but then Katie is better for the show than Aiden is. She gets the coverage – she gets the show attention. He just isn’t like that but he is a much better singer. It is like losing a brother. When it went to Katie and Aiden in the bottom two, I didn't think he would go. Even when it went to deadlock, I thought he would stay.'

While Aiden said, while gritting his teeth,‘It is an entertainment show – but I can’t see where the entertainment is coming from [with Katie] as she is not doing that well. I think it should be more about singing from now on.’

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