The King is dead

Larry King is one of those TV gods in America, who we ignorant Brits have barely heard of. But think of Jeremy Paxman, Alan Titchmarsh and Eamonn Holmes rolled into one media-friendly package.

It was Larry's last show yesterday, after 25 years of broadcasting, so all the greats were wheeled out to pay tribute; Bill Clinton, Obama and er, Tony Bennett. Prez Obama told the nation, 'I want to join all of you in congratulating Larry King.' At the end of the show, Larry started to blub, probably thinking of the fact that lowly tabloid Brit Piers Morgan was taking over his slot. Larry said, 'It's not very often in my life I've been lost for words. I want to thank everybody associated with this programme, everybody that makes it possible - even the suits at the top. When I started out 25 years ago in a little studio in Washington DC I never thought it would last as long as this. I don't know what to say, so instead I'll say this to you, my audience. Thank you. And instead of goodbye, how about so long.'

Come on, Piers, let's see what you've got.

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