The judge who was left out in the cold

Dannii Minogue has admitted the news that anyone with eyes and a TV could have confirmed ages ago - that Simon Cowell's only friend on the XFactor panel is Cheryl, and the others just don't exist (sob). Dannii says that she feels left out, and tired from all the arguments. And probably also the late nights staying up looking after the baby. No, not Louis, the 'other' one.

Dannii told The Mirror 'There's a lot of bickering behind the scenes. Sometimes it spills over and you get upset. We are all theatrical darling, and when we get worked up on stage things come out. This series is the most intense thing I have ever done. I can't keep up with all the arguments we are supposed to be having. A chatty source confirmed the news to the paper, 'Simon is treating Dannii really badly and only has eyes for Cheryl. They go off for cigarettes together and don't speak to the others.'

There's only one thing for it Dannii, you'll just have to take up smoking...

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