The joy of veg

Alan Titchmarsh has long been viewed as older lady crumpet, and it appears that the former Pebblemill man is well aware of his OAP hunk status. The canny presenter has given an interview where he discusses his love of gardening, even claiming that he has no need for Viagra thanks to his passion for the soil.

Alan extolled the sexy virtues of gardening to The Sun saying, 'Gardening is therapy and hugely sensuous. I've never needed Viagra. Life has become fast and demanding. Gardening reminds you to relax, postpone gratification and anticipate pleasure.

The story then took a turn for the worse, with Alan describing the pleasure he gets from watching his plants grow. Those with sensitive dispositions look away now... He said, 'I planted an asparagus bed, which takes three years to mature. By the end I was salivating. Boy, did I enjoy it. The summerhouse moved.' Crikey...

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