The Jacksons arrive in Devon

There's been talk aplenty about the Jackson family move to North Devon but now the wait is finally over - they've arrived. All 9 of them.

Of all the places, in all the world, Tito, Jackie Jackson and 5 other members of the clan have chosen to set up camp in Barnstaple (a sleepy village in Devon), where they'll be filmed as part of a reality show - and where Tito is looking to put down permanent roots in order to be closer to his best friend, Matt Fiddes.

As well as being fascinated by the 'ordinary people' of Barnstaple and the ordinary things they do, the Jacksons like the way of life in the low key spot and are keen to try their hand at local fun. Like going to the chippy, popping in to say hi at local primary schools (odd) - and even doing some martial arts on the beach in the morning. (American).

But really who cares about Tito and Jackie and the rest of them. Will his Royal Oddness be laying his napsack in Barnstaple in the near future, that is the question? Probably, yes is the answer. Tito has confirmed that Michael loves the spot and will be coming to stay just as soon as he gets really bored of Bahrain. Michael Jackson fans in Devon are about to get the fix of their lives.

Check out Tito giving a speech at pal Matt's martial arts club. There's no getting away from it, his trademark bowler hat is cool

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