The Inbetweeners film - officially written

The Inbetweeners could be making its big screen debut if writer Iain Morris has his way; the scribbler has confirmed that he’s written a film version of the cult sitcom, which is returning for a third series next year, but he hasn’t as yet received any funding for it.

However, we’ve got a potential problem on our hands; the film will be set on a lads’ holiday, which will involve trying to pass through the same choppy waters that drowned the likes of Kevin And Perry Go Large and the execrable Is Harry On The Boat? Fingers crossed it’s not a load of old tosh, eh?

‘We've written a film script because for me, the most defining experience of an 18-year-old boy is when you go on your first holiday with your mates,’ said Morris to Digital Spy. ‘That would be exciting.

‘I don't know how films work – I've never made a film before. We're written a script so we're just hoping Film4 will say, “Here's the money, here's the helicopter, now go to Tenerife and film it!” I think there'll probably have to be a few more conversations before that happens!’

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