The Inbetweeners film in the works

Surprise comic hit of the year The Inbetweeners is being made into a film, on top of the new series the writers are already working on. Let’s hope it doesn’t go the way of that god-awful On The Buses film. Now that was rubbish.

One problem, the predicted plot involves them being taken out of their environment – always a bad sign in comedy – and going on a ‘disaster-packed holiday’, presumably with ‘hilarious results'. Fingers crossed it’s going to be ok, and not like Kevin and Perry Go Large, which was also not very good....

‘We're working on a new movie and a new series,’ said co-writer Damon Beesely. ‘We've got really big hopes. We'd love to do the movie. Who knows, one of them might even get a girlfriend in it. But we'll struggle to cast that - who'd want to go out with them?’ Now that they’re famous actors, probably plenty of girls.

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