The impregnator

Call the Oxford dictionary, Jordan has coined a new phrase, (though one we're hoping never seeps into everyday vernacular.) The glamour girl wants to get pregnant by latest hubby Alex Reid by being 'Reid-inated.' Did they come up with that together? We dread to think. The only thing this makes us think of is the cage fighting tranny trussed up in silver body armour doing a dodgy Austrian accent while Jordan....stop. We don't even want to go there.

Aaanyway, not only that, Jordan wants to be Reid-inated as many as three times. She also wants to adopt another child. Anyone would think the woman didn't have a strict reality TV schedule to stick to. She told The Sun: 'I want to be Reid-inated. If I could be Reid-inated now I would. Hopefully by the end of this series I can announce I am preggie.'

Alex, are you up for it? What's that? You've got no choice. Oh dear....

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