The hottest escort in LA

So which Hollywood A-Lister has decided to try her hand as a high-class escort? None other than super-sexy starlet Scarlett Johansson.

The ample-bosomed star has auctioned off a date with her good self on auction website eBay, pulling in a whopping £20,000 – and it’s all for charity.

Raising money for Oxfam, Miss Johansson will go on a date with a British fan who won the auction known only as Bossnour. So, how much one-on-one time will Mr Bossnour get with the actress? Just 20 minutes...

That’s a G a minute! Let’s hope she has some good conversation – although somehow we doubt he’s there for the chit-chat. And after seeing her in an almost bursting bodice for her new film, here’s hoping he’s able to maintain at least some eye-contact...

(Image: from YouTube)

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