The Great Office War : YouTube gold

Ever been sat in a meeting and thought, if so and so from sales taps his pen on the desk one more time, I must just go for him with a staple gun?

Well the Great Office War takes those feelings to their natural conclusion by envisioning a full scale war breaking out in the office, headed by different departmental divisions. What starts as a nasty case of pen tapping soon turns into full scale battle, IT versus Sales.

The workers climb on desks. Throw plastic grenades. Fire big plastic guns filled with polystyrene pellets. Launch rockets. Use CD roms as mirrors. And employ mercenary forces from other divisions to take down the enemy. By the end of the Die Hard inspired siege, bodies lie lifeless in filing cabinets, and only two interdepartmental heads remain.

Best video viral of the week. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got a polystyrene rocket launcher to load......

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