The Google masseuse who amassed a fortune

One minute you're massaging the backs of travel weary, stressed out souls struggling to get noticed in the US technology world while working from a dingy garage. You earn $450 a week for your efforts, along with some worthless stock options to store away for a rainy day.

Five years later you're a multimillionaire with more cash that you know what to do with (certainly no need to sign up to millionairematch.com, that's for sure). That's the story of Bonni Brown, "Google Employee No. 41", who is thought to have amassed a fortune of at least $5 million from her employer; the little known start up, Google.

Ms Brown, 52, gave up her day job shortly after the company’s stock market float, when she cashed in most of her options. In an article in the Times, she says she's thankful she didn't sell them all. Since burgeoning stock prices, her shares have been doing rather well. She said: “I saved enough stock for a rainy day, and lately it’s been pouring.”

We love a Cinderella story!

(Image: Erwinkarim's Flickr stream)

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