The Good Life - only without the comedy

As far as reality TV premises go, this one isn't making us combust with excitement. It's Liz Hurley, leading an organic life. Aaaaand, that's it. We guess that watching your granny look for her glasses would be more engaging....

Not according to Living TV, who are stumping up for the dreary show. According to the Daily Mail, 'the 45-year-old will be followed by Living TV cameras as she opens the doors to her 400-acre organic farm in Barnsley, Gloucestershire, where she lives with her husband Arun Nayar and eight-year-old son Damian. Liz has now turned her hand to selling organic meat from the farm.'

In a last ditch attempt to make this sound in any way compelling, a spokesperson then adds: ‘Elizabeth has a fascinating life – as she spends half her time with Elton John and the A list crowd and the rest of the time down on the farm.’

Oh dear.

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