The Gone Show

Former One Show star Christine Bleakley will now be the least popular gal in TV - Beeb bosses finally tired of her very public dithering over rival BBC and ITV offers, but her defection to join Chiles on the sofa means that the ever hovering GMTV axe will fall on more victims, most likely Kate Garraway and Emma Crosby.

Christine gushed, 'I am looking forward to a brand new experience at ITV albeit with an old friend. I have had the most wonderful three years at the BBC and The One Show. It has consumed my life in that time and I would not have had it any other way. It is with regret that this experience is coming to an end. I have been torn between working with Adrian Chiles and remaining at the BBC. I fully understand the BBC had to move more swiftly than I could, and as a result they've managed to help make my mind up for me.'

How we'd love to be a fly on the GMTV wall when her new colleagues 'welcome' her to the show...

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