The Golden Raspberry Awards

Last night, Hollywood handed out its ultimate accolades – The Oscars. Yawn! On Saturday night the much funnier anti-Oscars took place. The Golden Raspberry awards were ready and waiting to be dished out to the worst on-screen action.

So who did best in the worst films? The biggest “winner” of the night was starlet Lindsay Lohan’s unthrilling thriller I Know Who Killed Me, winning a staggering eight awards– a new Razzy record – including Worst Actress, Worst Director and Worst Picture. Woohoo!

But perhaps the person to come out worst was Eddie Murphy. The Beverly Hills cop, who hasn’t exactly had the best year, was awarded with the prizes for Worst Actor, Worst Supporting Actor and even Worst Supporting Actress, for his hugely unfunny comedy Norbit. Oh dear…

The Razzies, have been going for 28 years now, handing out awards for the best in bad film. But up-and-coming star Lindsay Lohan needn’t worry about sweeping the board ending her career. Other big female stars have also won the awards. Halle Berry after winning the Oscar for Monster’s Ball, the next year, won Worst Actress for Catwoman at the Razzies and famously is the only actor to turn up to accept her award. She’s doing fine now!

Then again, Halle had won an Oscar before her Razzie. Remind us, has Li-Lo won an Oscar? For Herbie, perhaps?

(Image: from Arturo J. Paniagua’s flickr stream)

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