The (Gerard) Butler did it?

Guy Ritchie will do pretty much anything to get some publicity to save his sinking film career.

Gerard Butler, the star of his latest film RocknRolla has been named as prime suspect by the LAPD in a case of battery misdemeanour - for kicking the stuffing out of a photographer.

According to E! News, the Scottish actor attacked paparazzo Mark Morgan Kreusch after the American premiere for his new film, RocknRolla. Kreusch says Butler jumped through his car window and grabbed his throat and started hitting him, whilst screaming "Oh, you want a photo? You want to photograph me?" Well'ard.

American reviews for the Guy Ritchie's film have been universally awful, but nothing compared we’re sure to his new venture - a big screen version of Sherlock Holmes (gulp). Another stinker by Mr Madonna? No sh*t Sherlock! Check out RocknRolla.

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