The fresh Prince

This might just win the prize for most unexpected celeb story of the year - apparently Prince Harry has been locking lips with a reality show star. No, not Katie Waissel, or Anne Widdicome, but a lady called Catherine Davies, who has appeared on 'The Real Housewives of DC.' Random...

A former nanny to the 'star's' children revealed to The Daily Mail, ‘While I was living with Catherine a car with a chauffeur came for her twice. Her daughters would tell me: 'This is the car that Prince Harry sends for mummy.' Although she was my boss, when she was really happy she would share things with me, like what happened with Prince Harry. She would show me messages that he sent her, and she said he wanted to take her hand and travel around the world. Catherine told me that one time that she kissed Prince Harry in a bathroom.’

In 2006, Catherine blabbed to the tabloids about her night of passion, gushing of Harry, ‘He was holding me off the floor, kissing me. I was absolutely speechless.’ Who's with us in hoping that Hazza never gets hitched, but continues to dates increasingly random ladies from reality shows?

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