The French President's lady: a need to know about Carla Bruni

The woman who's not been seen away from Nicolas Sarkozy's side recently, and is looking more likely than ever to become the next First Lady of France, has taken us all somewhat by surprise.

She's been called many things - aging rocker groupie, serial maneater, arrogant heiress and even a polling gimmick by Sarko. But who is she really and what's her background? We've done a bit of research, and Facebooked her, to delve up a quick snapshot overview of Carla Bruni.

1) She's a singer who released her first album in 2003 "Somebody Told Me", which was called pretentious and sexy and the acoustic guitar style compilation sold over a million copies.

2) She's the stepdaughter of an Italian tire magnate who also happens to be a classical composer, Alberto Bruni Tedeschi. Her mother, Marisa Borini, is a concert pianist. So she does have a solid a musical background.

3) She's rich and was well educated in France, where her family moved in the 1970s to escape a wave of high profile kidnappings in Italy.

4) She speaks three languages.

5) She has been romanitcally linked to a series of aging rock starts, including Eric Clapton and Mick Jaggar (although, hasn't everyone? If you need to be romantically linked to someone, better make it Mick...)

6) She was one of the most highly paid models of the 1990s with campaigns for Dior and Chanel and over 250 magazine covers to grace her CV.

So there. Now you can impress your friends at the bar this week. Oh, and the Facebooking? Well, that was amusing. On one of her profiles, Sarkozy has posted a love heart on her wall - check it out in our photo gallery. Awwww...

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