'The Fat Controller'

There aren't many things that would get a pregnant woman's goat more than being referred to as fat. So it's hats off to brave Sam Cooper, Lily Cooper's husband, who compared the pregnant popstar to a character on Thomas The Tank Engine. No, not Thomas the smiley blue train; the bossy, rotund chief of the railtracks, also known as The Fat Controller. The singer previously known as Lily Allen posted on her Twitter page:

'My husband just called me his 'little Fat Controller' - like off of Thomas the Tank Engine, so not LOL.' Lily, who is heavily with child also complained that she is getting so big that she can't even cross her legs. So the Fat Controller doesn't sound that wide of the mark…...

According to The Daily Mail the former wild child of sing-songey pop also spoke of her desire to ditch life in the biz and live in the country.

'I’m happiest in the kitchen,' she says, 'leafing through an interior design book, sticking recipes in my scrapbook, cosying up to the Aga, stroking the dogs, fielding phone calls from tradesmen.'

'Believe it or not, I’m 26. And I used to be a pop star. I know. Weird right? The thing is, this is the life I always wanted. I always wanted to get married, I always wanted to have kids. I have always wanted to set up a home.

‘It’s not promoting drudgery…It’s about saying being at home, looking after your family, taking pleasure in cooking and being house proud, are all valid and valuable.'

What next, Lily Allen in 'I make the perfect cupcake' shocker?

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