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It's hard to believe we've almost reached the end of this first season of The Face UK, the new Sky Living HD reality show featuring notorious supermodels Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor that had us all glued to the TV for the past few Monday evenings.

It's the semifinals and only seven novice models are left in the competition. Both Team Naomi and Team Caroline are down to two girls each, while Erin still has three beauties in her team despite not having won a single challenge yet. In a week time we're going to see who will be chosen to become the next face of Max Factor out of a shortlist of four, which means that by the end of this episode three girls will be eliminated.

21:10 - The Longchamp photo-shoot - First Round

It's 3 in the morning and the girls at the models' house are getting ready to go to Paris for their last job, which will determine who will make it to the final. After reaching the French capital by Eurostar, they learn that they will have to pose by the river Seine for classic brand Longchamp who wants the girls to model their new range of handbags.

Only six girls are needed for the shoot and the contestants must now make sure they will impress as the client will choose one girl to leave the competition immediately. Naomi explains: "Fashion can be brutal, today these girls are getting a taste of the real world of casting. I just pray it's not one of my girls that gets axed."

The girls can get no help from their mentor, who can only watch the casting session from a monitor. Longchamp's CEO Jean Cassegrain together with the company's head of international communications explain that the style they need for the campaign is "fresh, strong, creative with happiness" and the girls at the moment look nothing like it as the mounting tension is getting to them.

PHOTO GALLERY [UPDATED]: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor

First up is Racquel Smith from Team Naomi and despite a shaky start where she puts her hand in front of her mouth while talking to the client, she eventually nails it when asked to show her inner strength. Next is blonde Emma Holmes, who comes across as slightly arrogant and doesn't deliver when asked to smile.

Team Caroline is next to step in front of the Longchamp representatives. Eleanor Cochrin's look is quite French-inspired and Naomi tells the other judges that the client is going to love her. We agree, the girl's classic features seem perfect for such a traditional brand. Nadine Mendes follows with a more sporty style which is not playing in her favour.

Last but not least is Team Erin with a bland but smiley Sienna King. Nina Sethi forced grin doesn't convince while Elaine Nturo charms in all her awkwardness.

It's now time for the client to decide who will be eliminated on the spot, and they choose Nina Sethi from Team Erin as they explain "To be a Longchamp woman you need to be full of energy" and obviously Nina didn't match up to the challenge.

21:30 - The Longchamp photo-shoot - Second Round

The six girls left will now be briefed for the next stage where for the first time they will have to compete individually and not in teams as they've done so far. The girls must now embody the 'Longchamp woman' while modelling each a different handbag and the client will choose a winner who will automatically go to the final. The supermodel mentors will then pick one girl each to join the winner in next week's final showdown.

The wannabe models have 15 minutes each to impress the Longchamp representatives and they are provided with some props in the form of bicycles and dogs. They will have to choose which one suits them most without relying on their mentors' advice and Naomi hopes her girls will make the right choice as props can be quite distracting during a photo-shoot.

Erin's Team is up first and with the clients looking on, Elaine takes the stage in the company of a big white dog. The choice turns out to be a disaster as she struggles to control her furry friend but eventually she manages to take a couple of good pictures. Next is Sienna King in the company of the same big white dog and facing the same problems.

PHOTO GALLERY [UPDATED]: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor

Racquel Smith opts for the bike, explaining: I've never had a dog in my life, so I'm going to keep it safe and stick to the evil I know". Despite having more time to focus on the shoot if compared to the other girls who spent most of the time chasing the dog, Racquel doesn't deliver as consistently as we expected. Emma has chosen the big fluffy dog and Naomi tells her she wishes the girl had opted for the bike instead. Surprisingly the dog behaves himself, however Emma doesn't look comfortable and she keeps on answering back at Naomi which doesn't look good in front of the judges.

It's Nadine's turn and she decides to pose with the small dog but despite its diminutive size, it's really hard for her to keep it in check. She nails a couple of frames. Eleanor Cochrin opts for the bike adding some flowers to the basket but the props keeps on upstaging her for most part of the shoot. Her hard work pays off at the end and she also manages to get few pictures right.


It's time for the client to choose a challenge winner and they decide that Nadine (Team Caroline) has conveyed the essence of the Longchamp brand better than all the others. Naomi and Erin are quite upset at the idea that they must each eliminate one girl from their own team.

It's a difficult decision but eventually Erin chooses to eliminate Sienna King while Naomi surprisingly decides to get rid of Racquel.



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