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We have reached the sixth chapter of The Face UK, the captivating new series on Sky Living HD featuring notorious supermodels Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor. After leading the competition for three weeks, Caroline's team suffered its first loss last week when Naomi decided to eliminate Brooke. The team mentored by the Swedish bombshell however is still leading the competition and this week's result is going to be crucial as Naomi can't really afford to lose another girl, while Erin's credibility as a mentor is about to hit rock bottom as none of her girls has yet been crowned episode winner.

21:10 - ASSIGNMENT FIVE: Meet the press

To prove their potential to be the face of a major brand, this week the teams will be judged by the media. The girls have to make an impression on renowned 'The Sun' showbiz editor Gordon Smart and then attend a fashion interview on a real-life red carpet. Naomi explains: "If you make it as a model, then one of the things that you'll have to face is the press, you have to know how to carry yourself with confidence and personality." Caroline adds: "If you're a spokesperson you have to be able to answer tricky questions".

At the models' house, Team Caroline seems confident and determined despite the disappointing outcome of last week's elimination. Team Naomi is on a high and the two girls have finally found a way to get along. Emma Holmes confesses she is starting to like Racquel, she still thinks the Jamaican beauty sometimes speaks out of terms but she's now convinced that it's because she's being honest. Emma adds that the team mentored by the Swede is coming across as cocky, to which Racquel Smith replies: "They are putting on a front because they are still suffering from severe injury from the fact that they have lost the campaign, they are emotional wrecks"


To prepare for the real-life red carpet, for which they will have to style themselves, the girls must show Naomi their creative side and prove they know how to choose what best suits them. The novice models will be divided in pairs and each group will be assigned the same Top Shop outfit, which they must accessorize differently using the items on display such as designer bags, precious necklaces and stylish sunglasses. Naomi gives the girls a warning: "If you want to impress me, don't play it too safe"

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First up for the fashion face-off is Racquel, who chooses Nina Strauss (Team Caroline) as opponent because she thinks the blonde looks very conservative and predictable while she's the exact opposite. They have 4 minutes to get ready and when the time runs out, they are asked to justify their choice of accessories.

Nina has opted for a flashy metal necklace, big bracelet, simple black and white handbag, round shades and black heels because, she says, she wanted to keep it elegant, sporty but simple. Racquel on the other hand describes how she only has chosen the big sunglasses and the bright red bag because she didn't want to add too many accessories, to which Naomi replies that she actually didn't add any, pointing out the lack of jewellery. Nina wins.

Sienna King (Team Erin) is up next against Eleanor Cochrin (Team Caroline) in accessorizing an oriental blue gown. Sienna chooses a red school-like bag, a wide-brimmed black hat, hippie round glasses with multicoloured lens, bright blue heels and decides to hold a pair of chopsticks in her hands because she doesn't know how else to use them. She justify her selection by saying that she wanted to prove how quirky she can be, but Naomi is not totally convinced. Sienna on the other hand looks even less convincing with some red round shades, a glossy shopping-like bag, chopsticks holding her heir up and silver wedge sandals. Naomi tells her she looks like a granny. Eleanor wins.

Nina Sethi (Team Erin) picks Nadine Mendes (Team Caroline) to style a tribal look. Nina goes for orange flat sandals, big ethnic necklace and rucksack. Nina opts for green heels, orange bag, loose round beige hat but mistakenly wraps a black leather belt around her wrist thinking it's a bracelet. Nadine wins.

It's now turn for Elaine Nturo (Team Erin) and Emma Holmes (Team Naomi) to take the stage and they are asked to style a tartan outfit. Emma struggles to put everything together on time and stumbles in front of Naomi wearing only one shoe, the same hat wore by Nina Sethi and a pearl necklace. The supermodel tells her she looks a mess. Elaine on the other hand looks extremely stylish with some eye-catching big geometrical earrings and wedge sandals. Elaine wins.


Elaine and Nina Strauss must accessorize a leather and jeans punk-themed outfit. Nina picks only a bag and a pair of tourist-like glasses while Elaine nails it with a slick round hat and hip bag. Elaine wins again.

Eleanor is next against Nadine and they are assigned a monochrome number. Nadine opts for yellow wedges, red handbag, native-American turquoise necklace and shades while Eleanor decides to wear a Minnie Mouse hairpiece and peach heels. Eleanor wins.


The theme is 1930's glamour, Elaine and Eleanor must style a magnolia long lace frock. When the girls have finished, Naomi tells them: "One of you is going to church, one to a tea party". Eleanor is wearing lace gloves, cream hat, big metallic necklace and black heels. Elaine has chosen a beautiful Cleopatra-style necklace, wide-brimmed cream hat and black leather clutch. Elaine wins.


The mentors have half an hour to get their teams ready for an interview with 'The Sun' showbiz editor and Caroline warns them: "The journalist today is going to ask you some really tough questions, you have to be very cautious, they will always try to set you up. Be always positive about everyone, don't try to put anyone down'. Erins tips include: "Don't ever walk out of an interview, don't cry, don't lose your temper. Speaking to the press is challenging, you don't want to give anything away that it's gonna haunt you."

Team Erin is the first to be called in to be interviewed. Gordon is vicious and Elaine innocently stumbles on a question on her own town, Bolton, describing it as 'boring'. Team Caroline makes a good impression even though they sound a bit too diplomatic. Team Naomi on the other hand is impressively outspoken to the degree that Racquel, when asked who she would like kicked out of the competition, clearly states: "Nina Strauss, because I think that being a mother is more important than being pretty"

At the red carpet event at Harvey Nichols the girls must also face the press after choosing their own outfits and accessories. Team Caroline is the first to arrive at the 'Glamour Woman Of The Year Award' and they perform well in a quick question and answer with entertainer presenter Amanda Byram. Team Naomi also delivers in its fierce elegance while Caroline's girls are a little less convincing.


After the red carpet, back to the hotel, decision have been made. Gordon Smart and Amanda Byram have discussed with the supermodel the three teams' performances and unanimously declare to them that Team Naomi's girls are the ones that shone above the others, therefore they are the challenge's winners.


Naomi Campbell is going to decide again who will be leaving the competition. Erin puts Nina Sethi up for elimination while Caroline chooses Nina Strauss. In the battle of the two Ninas, Naomi chooses Strauss from Team Caroline, justifying her decision by saying: "you're a great commercial model, but we need the whole package."

PHOTO GALLERY [UPDATED]: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor



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