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Naomi Campbell, Erin O'Connor and Caroline Winberg are back this week on Sky Living HD for another episode of The Face UK. Caroline is overshadowing her competitors as all her four girls are still in the show. Naomi is at the bottom with only two wannabe models left, while Erin floats in the middle having lost only one girl.

21:10 - ASSIGNMENT FOUR: The Ad Campaign

This week's client is luxury car brand Maserati. They need the girls to shoot a tv commercial on a very tight schedule and Naomi explains that it will be an extremely challenging task: "Shooting a TV ad is not easy at all, you need to do the same thing over and over with the same amount of energy".

The girls must appear on film in a real advert and Caroline thinks that the secret of a good commercial is listening to the director. She points out that her girls are good at following instructions therefore there is a good chance that her team will win again.

And just to remind us how badly arguments can affect a challenge's outcome, in the next scene we see the two girls left in Naomi's team, Racquel and Emma, at the models' house having breakfast while trying to make sense of what happened last week. "Well we can be stupid, make a fool ourselves and keep fighting, or we can be smart, positive and come together as a twosome" Racquel says to her teammate, but she doesn't seem too convinced.


It's time for the contestants to join Erin O'Connor, who's going to test their acting skills. "Acting it's a very important skill for them to learn" she explains "as a model, you never know what character or mood you'll be asked to portray on a shoot. If you want to make it as a model, you'll have to play your role with conviction, you have to be able to show emotion. The process is a difficult one, but every time you step on that set you have to forget everything else that's going on in the room and you have to channel that emotion."

To see how well they can portray emotion Erin will ask each girl to play a selection of characters for her behind a picture frame and first up is Team Naomi.

Emma Holmes is asked to portray first a new bride and then an emotional wreck. She struggles with both tasks, looking uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed. Racquel's performance is also a letdown, as she looks awkward and fake when asked to impersonate a paranoid person and a weeping child. "Her vulnerable child was more like a woman scorned, sexy as opposed to vulnerable" is Erin's frank verdict.

PHOTO GALLERY: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor

Next on set is Erin's team. Nina Sethi needs to be an Ice Queen first and a cheerleader after, but she also fails in both. Sienna King looks far too happy to convince in her 'mean girl' character, while Elaine Nturo seems unable to bring some substance to her portrayal of an Olympic winner and a crazy psycho

It's now time for Team Caroline to step behind the frame and right from the start we can tell they are on another level. Nadine Mendes delivers the first solid performance when asked to play the part of a widow, followed by a quite vocal Brooke embracing her terrified woman role. Eleanor Cochrin also nails it by effortlessly turning into a seductive vixen and we had to turn the volume down for Nina Strauss' loud portrayal of hysterical.

The masterclass is over and Erin is now seriously worried about her girls' acting abilities: "Team Caroline... they find it really natural to express themselves, it was spectacular to watch" she says, while acknowledging the huge disparity between the different teams.


The Maserati commercial is going to be shot at the prestigious Warner Brothers Studio in North London and Sam Washington, the director, will film the girls while they're racing with eachother to reach the car. The company's creative director Giulio Pastore has flown in from Italy and, as he explains to the supermodel mentors, he needs an advert in keeping with the car's brand values: "I would like to see how your team will represent the perfect balance of exclusivity and high performance".

The teams have 45 minutes to prepare and the first big decision is which girl form each team is going to deliver the single line "The new Quattroporte demands to be driven" required by the ad. The script demands the girls race each other in heels, with strong aggressive looks, and the team that will capture the most competitive spirit on film will win.

Time to start filming: the girls will be wearing dresses by acclaimed designer Iris van Herpen, a favourite for celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Bjork, and each of the girls' frocks is worth around £30,000. Each team must record eight different shots and they've got one hour to get the best take they can.

PHOTO GALLERY: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor

Team Erin is the first one on set, they are still looking for their first victory and the supermodel mentor confesses: "I think you do start to question yourself when things don't go according to plans. I am wondering if I need to try a new tactic with the girls, however, now I need to be tough on them." Despite her best intentions, the girls don't look fluid and fierce enough and in particular there's neither passion nor energy transpiring from Elaine's face.

Team Caroline is next and the heat is on: the girls are tight and deliver, they look good in their couture dresses and they work really well as a group, despite the sore and wounded feet.

It's now Team Naomi's turn and Racquel's complaining about her metal dress being too tight. The girls start racing and the fact that they actually hate eachother seems to play in their favour, but the heavy frocks after a while start to really get in the way. Despite all the setbacks, and with Naomi screaming her head out, the two girls manage to deliver an excellent performance.

After the shoot, the girls chosen for the speaking part must deliver the line. Emma for Team Naomi, Nadine for Team Caroline and Sienna for Team Erin.


The client doesn't know which mentor created which ad and after watching the three clips, he chooses Naomi's team because the girls have managed to maintain their high fashion style throughout the race. Naomi goes completely crazy and starts screaming with joy in front of the Maserati guy, while Racquel and Emma finally realise that they are stronger when they work as a team.


For the first time in the series, Naomi is going to choose which girl will leave the competition. Caroline is very distressed about the decision but eventually puts Brooke up for elimination because she feels the wannabe model is not as strong as the others. Erin chooses Elaine again.

After a brief chat with the girls, Naomi gets rid of Brooke (Team Caroline) justifying her decision by saying that Elaine is the one with more potentials. However, we know it's not true: the supermodel diva has chosen Brooke because that's what she said she was going to do if one of Caroline's girls was to show up in front of her at elimination time. After all, revenge is a dish best served cold.



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