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Another Monday evening, another exciting episode of The Face UK on Sky Living HD. The hit reality show is conquering the hearts of fashionistas this side of the Atlantic as much as it did in its US version. The three supermodel mentors - Erin O'Connor, Caroline Winberg and Naomi Campbell - have so far led their teams of novice models with fierceness, with the contestants doing their best to learn all the tricks of the trade in the shortest time possible to impress clients and guest judges alike. The girl who will be ultimately crowned winner will become the face of make-up giant Max Factor, so needless to say, the stakes are high.

21:10 - ASSIGNMENT THREE: The Lingerie Shoot

This week's client is English supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who needs someone for an advert that will launch Marks and Spencer's new lingerie range. The right person must be capable of embodying the collection's spirit, which is "lingerie made by women, for women". Naomi makes it clear right from the start: "I've lost two weeks in a row, I don't want to lose a third", with Erin adding "I can't afford to lose my girls, I feel the morale slipping in the team".

Caroline visits the models' house to celebrate two wins in a row and they talk about their progress over a glass of wine. Naomi also pays a visit to the girls and she tells them that they need to stop looking at what the others are doing or saying and instead focus on what they need to get under their belt. "The house visit for me was to give fire to the girls, to step it up" she explains.


This week the teams must compete in a lingerie shoot and it's Caroline's turn to share some of her experience with the girls and teach them about how to look comfortable in unnatural situations. "Some of you guys are very stiff when you model and you really need to learn how to be more relaxed, free and at ease with yourself" she tells the girls before announcing that she will test them on their ability to take photos while they're jumping.

Caroline shows them how it's done: "You must be able to control every part of your body, your face, your fingers, your feet, you have to make sure everything looks good when you're up in the air, which is pretty tricky". "An angel without wings, that's what she looked like" is how Nina Sethi (Team Erin) describes Caroline's posing.

Now it's time for the girls to show what they are capable of. They are handed some designer bags they must advertise, and Chloe-Jasmine Whichello is called first. She warns the public: "My face can look like Frankenstein monster's on a bad day if I get this wrong" and despite her best efforts, the pictures don't turn out as good as we hoped them to be. Brooke Theis also struggles during the shoot and in the photos her chin looks much bigger than what it actually is.

PHOTO GALLERY: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor

Nina (Team Caroline) doesn't look fluid enough, Racquel's neck disappears in the picture, which makes her look much heavier, while her designer bag is almost under her skirt. The other Nina from Team Erin decides to play it safe but the result is too bland and her ponytail gets in the way. Eleanor finally brings some beauty to the table with an extremely delicate shot, and so does Nadine, but with a more fierce presence.

Emma doesn't impress as she seems unable to deliver anything but a breadstick-like pose. Elaine strikes some good poses but in most of them she keeps one foot on the ground, which is not allowed.

Caroline tells the girls that Emma Holmes (Team Naomi) took the worst picture, as she didn't model the bag at all. Chloe-Jasmine Whichello is crowned the masterclass winner, with the mentor describing her picture as "a small moment of magic where every element fell into place".

21:40 - Preparing for the photo-shoot

It's the evening before the lingerie shoot and its pointed out how members of Team Naomi, unlike the others, prefer to stay alone rather than socialize: they still seem unable to get along. Team Erin on the other hand is trying to discuss the masterclass but eventually the tension gets to them too and Elaine storms out of the room.

Across town, supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is setting the brief: she's designed the new lingerie range for Marks and Spencer's and she wants the teams to make a magazine ad for her. "It should be subtle, it should be gentle, quiet, it should feel sexy for a woman". Soozie Jenkinson, M&S's head of lingerie design, will help Rosie decide which team's photo is best.


Racquel doesn't miss a chance to snipe at her team mates and when Chloe confesses before the shoot that all the underwear pieces she is trying on don't flatter her shape, the Jamaican beauty exclaims: "I'm just not happy with what Chloe is choosing, not everything works for everybody, you need to know what works for you and I just think that what Chloe's chosen is working neither for her nor the product. If I was a man I wouldn't be turned on by seeing that".

First up is Team Naomi and the supermodel is quite worried because during a test session the girls' performance was a mess. Naomi is unaware of the fact that the team has been arguing a lot in the past few days but nevertheless she can feel something is not right and she urges them to smile, explaining: "The most important thing about a lingerie shoot is that the girls look happy and relaxed on camera. This is an advert, if the models do not look like they love their product, then there's no customer that will."

Erin's girls are the next in front of the camera and the mood they bring to the shoot is completely different, less icy but at the same time maybe a little too quiet and lifeless. The girls look bored and stiff until the last frame, nailing the spirit they should have brought on stage right from the beginning a second too late.

Least but not last once again is Team Caroline. The girls look amazing and to put them off, Naomi and Erin start laughing at them. The trick works, the girls' confidence is shaken by the background giggling and they begin to get nervous. Nevertheless, the photos look incredibly beautiful ad we are pretty sure Caroline is about to bag her third win of the series.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Soozie Jenkinson have reached a decision and the standout shot that will be featured in Marks and Spencer's new lingerie campaign is of course Team Caroline's one. For the third week in a row Naomi and Erin have lost and one of their teams will soon be down to just two girls.


Caroline will again get to choose which of her rivals' girls to send home. Naomi puts Chloe up for elimination because she is disappointed about her still not following directions while Erin picks Nina Sethi because she looked too uncomfortable with her body during the shoot.

Caroline thinks that Nina and Chloe looks too frightened both in the pictures and in person. The feeling she gets from it, she says, is that Nina is not passionate enough about the competition and that Chloe doesn't want to learn. Chloe tries to fight her way through elimination time with a desperate speech but Caroline decides that Nina has got more potentials. Naomi hits the roof when she discovers that Chloe is going home, especially because she confesses to the supermodel that the girls had a fight just before the photo shoot. At the end, she tells Emma Holmes and Racquel Smith they are a waste of her time.

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