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Last week's episode ended with a threat: Naomi Campbell was so unimpressed with Caroline Winberg's revengeful behaviour at elimination time that she told her: "be very ready, if one of your girls enters my room, I won't even blink, I'll just be... Out!". And now, we just can't help wondering how soon is that going to happen as, despite winning last week's challenge, Team Caroline was overall the less convincing of all three. Are we going to witness some more cat fight action in tonight's episode? Let's hope so!

21:10 - ASSIGNMENT TWO: The Catwalk Show

This week's client is The Outnet - a global online fashion retailer that stocks designer labels - and the three teams are asked to help them organizing their first ever catwalk show. Erin O'Connor immediately expresses some concerns: "my girls have never walked on stage before and when you have a room full of expectations, this becomes an almost impossible challenge".

Goldsmiths Hall, the venue chosen for the show, is one of London's most opulent and decadent locations: as the client explains, the girls must really embrace and embody that same feeling within their walks and their attitude.

At the models' house, the girls are discussing Jessica Martin's elimination. Racquel Smith thinks that the Victoria's Secret supermodel coach isn't playing a fair game and that it wasn't very professional of her to get rid of her team-mate just for revenge, to which Brooke Theis (Team Caroline) replies: "But if Team Naomi wins, then one of us is going to be sent home straight away without even being given a chance... and that is revenge in itself!".

Nina Strauss (also Team Caroline) suggests that even if their coaches don't get along, the girls should. Racquel doesn't want to hear none of it: "Honestly, I want Naomi to send one of these girls home, in the space of a second... out! C'mon, c'mon c'mon, seriously, how can I say I care about Team Erin and Team Caroline! Whatever my mentor wants, is also my desire."


To help the girls prepare for the professional catwalk show, Erin O'Connor is holding a catwalk masterclass. Erin's unique style has helped her majorly throughout her career and her signature walk has always been one of the reasons prestigious designers such as Givency, Chanel, Valentino, Versace, Dolce&Gabbana have chosen her for their campaigns.

"This masterclass is all about channeling your inner diva" Erin explains, as she prepares showing off the walk she became famous for. "Believe it or not, walking is the hardest things in the world to do when there's a room full of people looking back at you. The art of modelling is to make it look flawless and effortless" She then proceeds to get into character, mimicking Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell in their respectively hippy-cool, upbeat and sexy signature walks, in order to make the girls think about what kind of strutting would better suit and express their own personality.

PHOTO GALLERY: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor

Erin asks the girls to wear unimaginably tight corsets together with some quirky hats by Philip Tracy to see how they cope under pressure. Sienna King (Team Erin) has one of the biggest hairpieces - paired with one of the tightest skirts -and she admits she can barely see where she's going. She almost falls down and she looks quite awkward. Elaine performs extremely well, although Erin advises her not to rush things. Nathalie is too ordinary. Nadine Mendes's walk is a total success: "I've got to tell you, that was like watching a professional model on a high fashion runaway". Racquel brings some attitude to the catwalk, Chloe-Jasmine Whichello doesn't know the difference between theatrical and a poised fashion moment.

Suddently, Sienna collapses on the floor, probably as a consequence of her wearing such a tight corset.

Nadine is chosen over Racquel to be crowned Erin's masterclass winner.

21:40 - Preparing for the show

The show will feature three dress themes, with each team modelling a different one. To keep the client from knowing which team has which, the supermodels are handed three closed envelopes which they pick at random. Naomi gets 'Dramatic Glamour', Caroline reveals a 'Decadent Daydreams' theme while Erin O'Connor picks 'Dark Romance'.

The girls arrive before their mentors and take a look at the fabulous dresses the client has lined up for them: they must choose the one that better suits their features. Red is the colour dominating Team Naomi's outfits, Erin gets black and Team Caroline gets white.

Caroline overrules Nadine's choice of dress and makes her wear a much tighter one, to the girl's disappointment as she find it extremely difficult to walk in it.

The girls are shown the runaway: if throwing some inexperienced models right into the middle of a professional catwalk show wasn't enough, they are shocked to see that the catwalks features a rotating platform, on which they must struck a pose. Naomi wants dramatic poses and she's quite hard on Chloe, who over-performed during Erin's masterclass. Caroline on the other hand opts for soft, nice, beautiful and classic.


Sitting among the public is guest judge Jourdan Dunn.

Team Erin is the first one to walk, she supermodel has given the girls a dramatic look to match the outfits. Nathalie doesn't look confident enough, Sienna nails it and the first one to cheer is, unexpectedly, Naomi Campbell. Nina impresses while Elaine almost loses her balance on the rotating platform.

Next on the catwalk is Naomi's team. Emma is elegant and classy, Racquel's walk is amazing although she looks a bit angry, Chloe goes against Naomi's directions and not only overdoes it with a dramatic pose, but also adds an unnecessary and horrendous 360 degrees turn before leaving the stage.

Last but not least is Team Caroline: Eleanor Cochrin is classy and beautiful, so is Nina Strauss, who's wearing a sparkly dress. Brooke looks ethereal and smooth, while Nadine appears glum and restricted by the dress.


The Outnet's representative and guest judge Jourdan Dunn have reached a decision: 'Decadence Daydream' is the winner, which means that Caroline's Team has nailed it once again. Needless to say, Naomi is extremely disappointed: "I will kill you!" she exclaims.


As one girl of the losing teams will be soon going home, the atmosphere is extremely tense. Naomi puts unruly Chloe up for elimination, while Erin chooses insecure Nathalie.

For the second week in a row, Caroline will be the one to choose who's going home. Nathalie admits the nerves got the better of her during the show and that she looked frightened, while Chloe gets criticized for her over-theatrical performance. Caroline decides to get rid of Nathalie (Team Erin) because "a model can never show fear".

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