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Catwalk icon and industry wildcard Erin O'Connor, Victoria's Secret beauty Caroline Winberg and the legendary Naomi Campbell, whose 27 years long career speaks for itself, are competing to find the next face of Max Factor. In the first episode, we saw them choosing and being chosen by the different models that made the top 12. Let's see what tonight's episode has in store for us!

21:10 - ASSIGNMENT ONE: The Magazine Shoot

The challenge that the three teams have to undertake this week involves a photo-shoot for I-D Magazine, which will use the winning team's photo as one of its covers. Erin O'Connor sums it up: "this is going to be a really almighty challenge for them... and for me!"

It's the first night together for the girls, they are sitting around the table at the models' house in London discussing the competition. Sienna (Team Erin) argues that her mentor is the edgiest in the contest by far, and so is her team. Racquel (Team Naomi) replies that deep down, all girls wanted to be in Team Naomi and some of them admit it's actually true. "Erin's team is weird, Caroline's team is glamorous and Naomi's team is edgy", she adds. All the girls will have to work and live together, Emma and Racquel seems to find it hard to get along, but it hasn't reached boiling point yet.


Before every team's challenge, each mentor will hold a masterclass to get the whole group ready. The first one to share her expertise with the girls is Naomi Campbell. She starts with the basic skills of modelling, which she calls 'the art of posing', explaining: "you can have the most beautiful McQueen dress in the world - like this one - but if you want to take beautiful pictures, you need to know how to pose". She starts taking some stunning pictures, effortlessly posing and shaping the luxurious frock with the help of a wind machine.

Tables are now turned: the girls are asked to pose: they have 90 seconds to get creative and show their best angles and here's the outcome:

PHOTO GALLERY: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor

- Team Naomi

Jessica was one of the most sought-after girls in the auditions, "I think that what makes me stand out is my eyes" she explains. But it's her mouth that lets her down, as she comes across as maybe a little too pouty. Emma struggles with a scarf: "It's a lot harder than it looks" she admits. Racquel adopts the Grace Jones attitude while Chloe takes us back to the sixties with her retro look and the Twiggy-inspired hairstyle. She moves around too much though and she gets told off by Naomi.

- Team Caroline

Nina is nice and refreshing, Naomi tells her that she seems to know what she's doing. Eleanor hides her features behind her hair, Nadine's face in the pictures doesn't make her justice. Brooke's "girl next door" might be some's cup of tea, but she could be perceived as too bland. Naomi thinks all the girls in Team Caroline are too commercial.

- Team Erin

Natalie and Sierra do very well, Naomi highlights that all the girls in Erin's team are very quirky, adding that she thinks her competitor took a big risk by chosing some of them. Elaine looks awkward and Naomi tells her she needs a lot of work.


The photoshoot for the cover of I-D Magazine looks very challenging, the publication is known for its off-the-wall style and the models must portray a scenario of girls partying after a big night out and must convey a very clubby, funny, 'live for the moment' feeling. They need to look like they've really been out, displaying a lot of character and with a lot of colors.

There are many clothes and props available, the teams can choose the best way to use them. The stage will be an abandoned and very 'urban' warehouse, with graffiti and quite gritty.

Team Erin is the first one to get ready while Team Naomi struggles to get started, they can't decide what to wear. The vibe is quite unpleasant, with Emma having some diva moments.

The mentors arrive to finish styling the shoot. Jessica is the only one in Team Naomi to get the team leader's full approval. Caroline's girls are quite plain, but funk it up a little with some unusual and colorful outfits.

Naomi's props of choice include plastic cans, lollipops, baloons and a rubber chicken, same goes for Erin. Caroline wants to keep it simple: after all, "we are not going to a children party" she tells her girls.

The teams have 20 minutes to get the shot right. Despite the rocky start, Team Naomi does an excellent job, the girls deliver some edgy poses with the help of a shopping trolley. "They surprisingly seem to work well together, they are not arguing" says Caroline, to which Erin replies: "Damn it!".

It's now time for Team Caroline to take the stage. Photographer Ellen is not very impressed with the way the girls look: "they don't look adventurous enough, the hair are the same, the outfits are bland, there's a bit of fantasy missing." There's no energy and the girls start to look depressed and uncomfortable despite Caroline's attempts to cheer things up. She gets criticized for the lack of props but at the end they manage to inject some fun into the shoot.

Team Erin is now in front of the camera and the girls rock the shoot right from the second they set foot on stage. Effortlessly edgy and fun. Naomi is not pleased: "that's a great picture, that's THE picture. Shit."


I-D Magazine execs must judge the pictures and they don't know which picture belongs to which mentor. They like Team Naomi's picture with all its randomness. Team Caroline's picture is not as bad as we thought it would be. Team Erin's photo detail of a girl using a stiletto as a phone catches the guys attention.

Team Caroline wins the challenge, the I-D team thinks her picture is more fun and young, exactly what they are looking for. Naomi is not happy at all: "They didn't deserve to win the challenge, that was a lucky picture."


Naomi and Erin must nominate a team member for elimination while Caroline Winberg has to select the girl that will be leaving the the competition. Jessica and Elaine are the chosen ones.

If Naomi decided to put popular Jessica up for elimination because she thought she had a better chance of staying due to the fact that everyone wanted her, well, her plan has just backfired. Vindictive Caroline tells her clearly: "Jessica you are a very beautiful girl, but in the end it comes down to one thing... you didn't want to be in my team and I always get my revenge. So Jess, you can leave the competition." Ouch!

PHOTO GALLERY: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor



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