The Face UK Finale: Live Online - Episode 8, Series 1

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We've reached the final episode of The Face UK, the modelling reality show that features fierce supermodels Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor.

After last week's brutal eliminations where three contestants were axed following a photo shoot in Paris, we are now left with four girls: Emma Holmes (Team Naomi), Elaine Nturo (Team Erin), Eleanor Cochrin and Nadine Mendes (Team Caroline).

A catwalk show in one of London's most swanky historic locations will decide who will be crowned The Face of Max Factor but there's only space for three models which means that one girls won't make it that far.

The four finalists are about to meet Max Factor for the first time, the brand will judge their potentials and eliminate one girl by the end of the day. Naomi Campbell and Erin O'Connor are quite worried as they only have one girl left in their teams therefore there's a higher chance of them not making the final runaway.

PHOTO GALLERY [UPDATED]: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor

The girls' destiny is now in the hands of Max Factor's creative director Scott Bradley and make up artist Caroline Barnes, who together will decide which girls will feature in the finale. Scott Bradley explains: "Our brand stretches back on to the 1930s when Max Factor transformed ordinary women in some of the 20th century most iconic screen goddesses. One of you will be the face to continue that legacy. You'll be on magazines, billboards and press ads, you'll be the face of our brand in thousands stores nationwide. It's a massive career-changing opportunity."

The girls will have to undertake two different tests today: a beauty shot, to see their photographic potential, and a screen test, to see how the model's personality reflects on camera.

21:20 - The Max Factor Beauty Shot

First up is Team Caroline: former tomboy Eleanor Cochrin looks gorgeous and manages to convey confidence as well as beauty. Portugal-born Nadine also nails it and Caroline Barnes seems to like her quite a lot.

Next up is Elaine Nturo (Team Erin) from Bolton. She looks amazingly elegant and Scott Bradley is very satisfied with her performance: "She's unconventional, which is great".

Last on set is Emma Holmes (Team Naomi) and she doesn't look as comfortable as the other contestants. In the pictures she looks too tense and both Naomi and Scott have to intervene with some tips.

21:30 - The Max Factor Screen Test

Caroline Barnes explains: "To be a brand ambassador you have to be much more than just a beautiful photogenic face, you need to meet the press, you have to be doing video shoots, commercial shoots: we really need a great all-around beauty". To demonstrate that, in this challenge each girl must pick a make-up product and talk spontaneously on camera about why they like it.

Once again Team Caroline is called up first: Eleanor performance is very natural and both Max Factor's representatives are incredibly impressed. Nadine on the other hand doesn't look believable and the nerves over-ride her natural energy. Her voice is shaky and she keeps on messing up her lines.

Next up is Team Erin: Elaine's strong accent and shyness have already negatively affected her past speaking challenges. Despite her best efforts, she looks terrified and jumpy, let alone convincing. She gets better towards the end but it might be just not enough to keep her in the competition.

Last but not least is Emma from Team Naomi, she looks and sounds extremely confident right from the start. She follows directions when Scott tells her to slow down and the result is amazing.

It's now time for the Max Factor representatives to choose who will be eliminated: after some tense moments they announce that Eleanor, Emma and Elaine will feature in the final catwalk show, while Nadine is sent home.

21:40 -The Max Factor Runaway Show

The girls are getting ready for the runaway show in which they will have each to perform two solo walks. A choreographer explains the routine and tells them: "It's about being feminine, beautiful, aspirational"

Eliane is told that she will have to open the show: her walk is not the best the first time around but as people start cheering, her confidence picks up and her fierce side starts to emerge. Eleanor follows with a beautiful stroll but she stumbles on the extra-long dress during the second walk. Emma closes the solo routines with an uber-confident catwalk, which comes across as maybe a little too hard.

It's now time for the mentors to strut their stuff on the runaway together with their girls, it's an emotional moment and they look like proud mums, especially Naomi.


The show is over and now the judges must decide who will be the next Face of Max Factor. Caroline Barnes and Scott Bradley are both really satisfied with the girls' performance and they tell them they all looked like they belonged on the catwalk.

Nevertheless, only one can be crowned winner and the Max Factor representatives announce that the girl that will become the brand's new ambassador "has a very strong, unique beauty statement, exudes confidence, has a wonderful presence, but most importantly, her beauty is very representative of our current times".

That girl turns out to be Emma Holmes from Team Naomi. After hearing the good news, the legendary supermodel burst into tears and tells the others: "It's great to be a mentor and I think you should always share the good things. When I first saw Emma I saw she had great potentials and over the weeks I got to work with her, I just saw her strength build, she worked really hard and it means a lot". Tough love wins.

PHOTO GALLERY [UPDATED]: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor

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