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The much-hyped UK version of hit US reality show The Face is about to start and we just can't wait to see supermodels Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor competing against each other to find Britain's next modelling talent. But let's cut to the chase... the opening titles are rolling, it's time to see what tonight's episode is all about!

21:05 - As the day begins, the contestants are getting ready for this crazy adventure. We see Emma Holmes from Canterbury having a tropical breakfast, Sophie from Rhondda Valleys hoping that her Miss Wales 2012 title and her pageant experience will help to make the difference, while another beauty from Bolton, Elaine, despite being a little nervous, is only too happy to have the chance to follow her modelling dreams.

21:10 - Naomi Campbell makes her dramatic entrance. The diva, sitting comfortably in a super-luxurious plane, leaves no doubts about her working methods: "I'm a tough mentor, I tell it like it is, I do not want to be friends with my girls" (...wise decision Naomi, especially considering that last time you've mentored young models on the show, one of the runner-ups ended up stealing your boyfriend). Naomi describes how the friendship with the other two coaches Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor goes back a long time, nevertheless, she adds "let's not forget, this is a competition and I do want to win."

Caroline Winberg also wants to win and she describes how her 12-year long career is going to help her girls: "I know how to model underwear, I know how to do catalogue, I know how to do editorials, I know a little of every part of the business".

And indeed, stylish Erin O'Connor seems quite set as well on winning the competition. She states: "it's going to be like a reunion hooking up with Naomi and Caroline, except we'll have to drop the friends thing, we're definitely competitors".

21:20 - The girls taking part to the reality are going to be from all around Europe, it's going to be a big competition. The girls say goodbye to their families and head down to meet the supermodels.

CASTING CALL: The 24 contestants are told by Naomi that the winner will be the face of Max Factor. "Over the next two days we'll get to know what you're capable of, and only 12 of you, out of the 24 standing here, will go through", she adds. At the end of the casting, every supermodel will pick a team of 4 girls.

CHALLENGE TIME! The girls must take a single shot without any make up and the first in front of the camera is student Emma. Naomi says: "Your picture is true". Caroline likes Emma because her face is "so unique" and Erin is also impressed. Emma goes through the next round.

Alicia is the second girl under scrutiny and things go wrong right from the start, she gets eliminated.

Fierce Nadine, natural Nathalie and delicate Nina go through the next round.

It's now Chloe's turn, the beautiful blonde, matched by an incredibly soulful voice, shows off her singing skills. Androgynous and retro, she goes trough.

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21:30 - It's Sophie's turn, her bone structure and her deep blue eyes win the supermodels over. She gets through. More beauties get complimented about their features. Jamaican Racquel celebrates with a crazy dance. Young Elaine looks stunning and fascinates the judges, they all want her.

SECOND CHALLENGE: Naomi Campbell takes on the catwalk in an elegant ivory number ... simply divine! The girls' future now relies on how well they can follow her footsteps. They work the catwalk with their face covered by a large hat.

Rejection burns and some girls are taking it not as good as others. Naomi, in tears, describes a girl's walk as diabolical. We agree, it's painful to watch.

Racquel, despite her shaky walk, is very critical towards the other contestants, we predict she'll be the series' troublemaker.

21:40 - FINAL STAGE OF CASTING: in the final photo-shoot, the girls need to transform radically and show their most fashionable style.

Nathalie: blonde and edgy, all the judges want her, she chooses Team Erin.

Emma: slightly more insecure, she still manages to woo both Naomi and Caroline, she chooses Naomi.

Racquel: only Naomi expresses some interest and the girl is only too happy to accept the offer.

Sienna: Erin and Caroline make an offer and she chooses Erin's Team.

Chloe joins team Naomi - the two girls that share her same team give her the cold shoulder. Jessica also chooses the same team.

Caroline still has to convince someone to join her team. Finally, Eleanor decides that the Swedish supermodel's commercial background is going to help her more than anything else.

21:50 - Each team is now complete. Naomi wants her girls to take notes, to avoid fighting, to drink lots of water and sleep properly. Erin thinks she's got quite a strong team and says that Naomi's strength can be intimidating.

PHOTO GALLERY: The Face UK with Naomi Campbell, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor


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