The epitome of class

It's been a fair old while since we heard from the generously bosomed multi-millionaire Katie Price, so we're relieved that she's back in the public eye with some new tat to sell. This time it's perfume, which she has lovingly dedicated to her children. And it's named, 'Precious Love'. We can feel the tears welling at this beautiful gesture, as we type.

Katie told The Daily Mail, I’m so excited about my new perfume. I’ve called it Precious Love because over the last year I’ve realised more than ever just how precious love is. And as a tribute to three of the greatest loves of my life, I have used a symbol with the entwined initials of Harvey, Junior and Princess in the centre of the gorgeous heart-shaped bottle. 'Me and Pete have got the same tattoo. So when he’s wearing a vest, he’s promoting my perfume.'

Spoken like a true entrepreneur, we're sure Alan Sugar uses the same trick with his wife...

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