The Eminem-Factor

Eminem has staked a claim at being one of The X-Factor’s judges, saying that the show needs a decent hip-hop judge, and one who knows what it’s like to be at the top of the game, week-in and week-out, Brian. As such he doesn’t think the likes of Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue have what it takes to successfully judge who is going to be the next Big Thing, and thinks he and Dr Dre should have a guest slot as judges to sort the wheat from the chaff.

‘No disrespect to the current judges but you need people who are global, platinum-selling stars,’ he said, disrespecting the current judges. ‘You need to prepare contestants for what it's really like out there, and what sort of pressure you are going to be under.

‘I am not sure I would have the time to do it full-time, but I would come and be a guest judge. Simon tells it like it is and I am down with that. If somebody ain't good enough they ain't good enough.’

‘A hip-hop star will never win a show like The X Factor without somebody like me on the panel,’ he continued, (as if any hip-hop act worth his salt would be seen dead on The X-Factor.) ‘There are a lot of very talented hip-hop stars who would kill for a break in Britain but the judges aren't qualified.

‘I keep my eye on the urban scene in Britain and there is a lot of talent out there. It needs somebody in power to open a door for them.’

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