The Dentalist

Down the annals of 'I'm a celeb' history there have been many a disgusting challenge, though none quite as gruesome as the trial featured in last night's show - where poor Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins were forced to hold giant cockroaches, stick insects and spiders in their mouths, while the creatures squirmed.

According to The Daily Mail, after finishing the first task Kayla said, 'I could feel him trying to move around, it was gross.' Alison agreed saying, It felt like an unwound paper clip in my mouth.' However, Alison refused to eat the giant burrowing cockroach, saying, 'Sorry I can’t do that one, it’s too big.' The trial was eventually decided by the viewer's votes, after the pair disdained the tie-breaker challenge - drinking a cup of mashed cockroaches.

After being voted off, Alison said, 'That was fair, I've had a great time. I'm so happy but thanks for letting me come along.' While Kayla agreed,'I’ve had the best time ever and I’m going back with a full quota of stars, I’m really proud of myself for competing the trial as much as I do feel like my time has come and I want to leave, it is still important for me not to fail.'

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