The day the music died

As Don McLean once sang, in his immortal hit 'American Pie', 'Something touched me deep inside, the day the music died. So bye-bye, miss american pie. Drove my chevy to the levee, But the levee was dry.' As you weep over the broken dreams of Katie Price and her music career - think of those words.

Following Katie's single, 'Free to Love Again' stalling at number 60 in the hit parade, the busty lass has cut her losses, and has left the music industry. The Sun informs us that an official statement will be issued later today on this sad matter.

A loyal foot-soldier told told The Sun, 'Katie wants to concentrate on what she does best 100 per cent. She knows what she's good at, whether its writing books, modelling or appearing on her own reality show but the pop career isn't for her.'

Now, loyal foot-soldier, we don't know if anyone's every told you, but... Katie isn't a writer, her books are entirely ghost written. Sorry we had to be the bearer of distressing news.

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