The daggers are out on Wysteria Drive

On screen, Wysteria Drive is a sinister place, full of barely suppressed rage. Well, it transpires that on set, it's no different. Nicolette Sheriden has sued the producer of Desperate Housewives for assault, claiming that Marc Cherry (great name), 'took her aside and forcefully hit her across her face' for daring to question a script. But if Bolton's belle thought she could count on the DH sisterhood to stand beside her, she was sadly mistaken.

According to the Daily Mail, the girls know which side their bread's buttered and have grouped against Nicolette. Teri Hatcher - in classic Hollywood speech, that is, speech which bears no resemblance to the way people actually talk - defended the producer: 'While my adoration and respect for the classic and dynamic chemistry of the characters of Susan and Edie is indelible, I'm honoured to stand with Eva, Felicity and Marcia as a group and clarify that our set environment is nothing less than an amazingly positive experience.'

Don't you just love a good dose of Hollywood litigation...

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