The curse of the 'sex text'

Jason Manford has become the latest victim of the celebrity cult du jour - sex texting. The addiction has caught many a famous person within it's grasp, including Ashley Cole and Vernon Kay. Manford quit the The One Show yesterday in order to (yes, you've guessed it) 'concentrate on my family'.

Jason told The Sun,‘I have decided after careful consideration to step down from The One Show to concentrate on my family and tour commitments.’ Manford also admitted his 'flirting' got slightly out of control, 'There were ten or 12 people flirting and then with a few it went over the line. We would start off flirty, then innuendo, and then a bit saucy. There were moments I thought, 'I shouldn't be saying that'.'

The comedian contiued, 'I think it was because there was a danger to it. The fundamental thing is, I was a d***head. My wife has called me a d***head. We have had a serious sit-down about it and agreed that what we've got is worth fighting for. She's fine and we're fine. The kids are fine. We've got another one in three weeks. She hasn't kicked me out.'

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