The Crown season 4 filming locations revealed

There’s a misconception with The Crown that it doesn’t stick to the facts. For sure, it takes a few liberties, but it is very faithful to the facts. You can fact check any of the events and find articles that reflect the realities witnessed in the show. What we can’t tell is how members of the royal family reacted to the situation. That’s something the show’s creators have the licence to represent however they wish. One of the other things the show’s producers take licence with is the filming locations. You can’t expect Netflix to be given access to Buckingham Palace or Clarence House, but you’ll be surprised at some of the locations that double for these famous places.

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Scenes depicting the Queen and members of her household at Balmoral during the second episode of the fourth series were filmed at Ardverikie House because the Queen owns Balmoral Castle. As with Balmoral, Ardverikie is located in Scotland, so it’s perfect for exterior shots. Interior shots were filmed at Knebworth House and Hedsor House. Knebworth in Hertfordshire and Hedsor in Buckinghamshire are open to the public. They’re the sort of places a dream wedding with a nightmare price tag takes place.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle, which William the Conqueror built over 900 years ago, is the oldest occupied castle in the world. The Queen uses it as a weekend home and also performs some official duties there. It was the location of Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018, so it’s familiar to many. The Crown uses Belvoir Castle and Burghley House as stand-ins for Windsor Castle. Belvoir provides most of the interior shots while Burghley House in Peterborough is used for exterior shots.

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Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace was Charles home before he married Diana. Scenes for it are filmed at Brocket Hall and Harefield Grove. The producers picked Harefield Grove in Hillingdon in the west of London because it’s a familiar location for filming TV shows. The BBC filmed their 2015 adaption of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None at Harefield Grove. Brocket Hall is an 18th-century stately home is run as a golf course and hotel, but it’s also been seen on TV in shows like Pride and Prejudice and even EastEnders.

Buckingham Palace

If you’ve run a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace online, you’ll know just how accurately the show’s producers have represented the interior. Getting this location right was just as crucial as casting the right actresses to play the Queen. Five locations are used to complete interior and exterior shots of the palace. The Queen’s weekly meetings with the PM are filmed at Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire. Other interior shots are taken at Lancaster House and Wilton House. The exterior shots are filmed at Moor Park Mansion and the Old Royal Naval College.

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New York?

The latest series of the show takes us from London to New York to recreate Princess Diana’s trip to America in which she famously met AIDs patients. You’d never know from watching the show, but none of it was filmed in America. Various locations in Manchester doubled up for the Big Apple as the Manchester Evening News revealed. Scenes were shot at, “the Northern Quarter’s Stevenson Square, Dale Street and Back Piccadilly, the historic John Rylands Library on Deansgate, The University of Manchester’s Renold Building and outside the Peter Street Kitchen on Peter Street in the former Free Trade Hall.”

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