The Co-wheel of fortune

You'd think that having exec-produced a million shows in every continent in the world Cowell would now rest easy - after all, he's almost a pensioner. But not a bit of it; the mogul is launching a new game-show called 'Red and Black' hosted by Ant and Dec, which will apparently create seven new millionaires a week.

Cowell has joked about strapping Cheryl to a rocket in order to promote the show - er, hilarious. The mogul told The Sun, 'We're going to tell her it's just a big firework. I'm almost tempted to do it myself."

Explaining the show, Simon said, 'Every night someone will be standing in front of an enormous wheel and will have to make that decision - gamble for a million. We see a lot of rubbish shows on TV at the moment so we're going to do something that has never been seen before and that will give regular punters the chance to win a million.'

Putting our moral hat on for a sec, we're not entirely happy about the promotion of gambling, but we're sure it'll be another big hit for the hairy-handed TV overlord.

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