The Cool English Teacher

There we were scouring the net for something to chuckle at early on a rainy Thursday afternoon and we came across this : Hardly Working :The Cool English Teacher.

The You Tube sketch is a caricature of the type of teacher everyone had at least one of at school. The teacher who tried so hard to be cool and hang with the kids that he forgot what he was even supposed to be doing at school all day - apart from trying to be cool.

The teacher in question arrives in class wearing a cropped denim jacket with a hells Angel sign on the back and motorbike helmet - and proceeds to teach the bored students modern literature by way of naff inuendos and modern day street talk. 'Gatsby lived in West Egg right? And Daisy lived in East Sperm...'.

He then takes trying to be a cool teacher to it's natural conclusion, first by urging students to rip pages out of their books, then to burn them and lastly to poo on them. Awkward, cringeworthy - and above all too close to the bone. The Office meets school.

College Humour - Cool English teacher

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