The Christmas number 1

It’s a wonder that the countdown to Christmas comes and everyone is still asking ‘Who is going to be the Christmas number 1?’ Haven’t we seen enough bad Christmas number 1s and novelty acts to know that the once all-important number 1, actually isn’t really that important?

In the past ten years we’ve had three from the Spice Girls (bleugh), three reality TV efforts (yawn) and one from Bob the Builder. Surely, after all that, no one should care anymore, but there still seems to be interest in this joke of a chart prize.

The singles chart itself is losing its importance in the music industry with sales falling by
50% since the late 90s. Even the fun in guessing the hit single has been taken away by television bosses thrusting their new reality star straight into the top spot.

So why? Christmas wouldn’t be same without a pop anthem to sing along to. Well, we’ll be sticking to carols this Christmas, because not even Bob the Builder can fix this one…

(Image: from YouTube)

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