The cheek of it

Ashley Cole has allegedly (and we must remember that in the world of tabloid tittle-tattle, nothing is true until Max Clifford says it is) upped his game when it comes to lack of self-awareness: he’s now blaming Cheryl Cole/Tweedy/whatever’s mum for their marriage break-up. After Cole’s first documented piece of love-rattery with hairdresser Aimee Watson, mum-in-law Joan decided that she was going to live at the couple’s house to keep an eye on things. According to The Sun Cheryl and Ashley basically stopped bumping uglies.

Since the latest round of nonsense however, Ashley’s mum Joan has got involved, trying to stick up for her son despite the fact he has been outed by well-known guardians of traditional morality: the tabloids. Her interfering has not made matters any better mind you, as the pair are still going to split, notwithstanding the Chelsea defender’s pleas for forgiveness.

‘The mothers have understandably become embroiled in the marriage break-up,’ said some source to The Sun. Joan is comforting her daughter while Ashley's mum has tried to make the peace. Obviously she loves him no matter what and believes the marriage could have been saved.’

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